This unique stove has been developed by Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, a guarantee for quality and efficiency. Designing a new stove to be utilised in tents, the army gave priority to maximum heating capacity, safety and suitability to several types of fuel. The VOLCANO SAUNA is equipped with a safety shield out of aluminum that does not transfer the heat, and can use both diesel, kerosene and wood as fuel.

VOLCANO SAUNA has turned out to be one of the most powerful, compact and mobile stoves available. Another advantageous characteristic is the simplicity of both the construction and the operation.

It has been produced several thousands units since the introduction to the markets, deployed in several countries world-wide gaining useful experience. Realizing that individual requirements often need to be met, we continuously search for improvements to be implemented. Key elements are durability, simplicity and functionality. Accordingly is VOLCANO SAUNA made from corrosion resistant materials, based upon low-tech construction and easy operating principles. Each stove is equipped with a step-by-step instruction sign attached to the front of the stove providing all necessary information to run and maintain the VOLCANO SAUNA.

VOLCANO SAUNA can be utilised in various types of tents and temporary shelters: accommodation, health clinics, offices and staff quartering. The exceptional heating power up to 14 KW can provide more than heating comfort: the design makes it possible to both cook and undertake the water heating.

In order to display the limitations of VOLCANO SAUNA, we have equipped Norwegian climbers with this stove during expeditions to Mount Everest. The results are amazing – and available upon request.

Keep you warm when you need it – world wide